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Has been serving since 1999 in the car rental business and providing in Moscow, Russia the best selected cars for weekly, monthly and long term rentals at the cheapest rates you can imagine!

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Minimum age of renter or additional driver for car rental service is 25 years and the minimum driving experience 2 years. The renter should present a passport, valid driving licence and the payment. For non-residents of Russia an International Driving Permit (IDP) is preferable. Cost of services to provide additional driver is 200 rubles per day.
Minimum period of car rental service in Moscow is 3 days. Return of the car need to make at the same place where it was taken, not later than the time specified in the issuance of the car. Each additional hour of delay is paid as 1/4 of the daily rental rate. Please return the vehicle to the same level of fuel, and the issuance of a vehicle. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel, the missing amount will be charged as 50 rubles per liter. Please return your car clean both outside and inside. If you can not wash the car before returning the car wash service cost is 1000 rubles.
Payment is possible by cash, bank transfer, as well as bank cards VISA, MC, AmEx.
Insurance includes liability insurance to a third party (TPL) insurance in case of theft and vehicle damage (CDW) with limited liability (deductible) within a deposit for the car.
While the use of the car is limited to the territory of the Moscow region, ask the manager (+74955052579) about use of a vehicle outside the territory.
Rent GPS navigator Daily rates for the rental of GPS navigator is 200 rubles. Please do not leave GPS navigator in the car to prevent theft of equipment and damage the car. Rent ski bindings The cost of renting ski bindings is 200 rubles per day. Child seat According to the requirements of Russian legislation and the Rules of the road, all children under the age of 12 in a vehicle equipped with seat belts, should be carried out using special child restraints, corresponding to the weight and size of the child, or other means to fasten a child with a seatbelt and in the front seat of the car - only with special child restraints. BIRACS car rental offers seats for children rental cost 200 rubles for each day, maximum 1500 rubles for rental. Inquire about the availability of child seats in BIRACS car rental.
Currently BIRACS Discount Car Rental does not provide services for the delivery of the car, but comfortable car rental office BIRACS Discount Car Rental is located in a convenient location (the intersection of Third Ring Road and Leninskiy Prospect) in a 5-minute walk from the Leninsky Prospect Metro Station, and preparation of necessary documents for car hire takes no more than 5-10 minutes.
It's not allowed to smoke inside cars of BIRACS Discount Car Rental, as well as transport of cats, dogs and other such animals. Nobody wants to sit in the car with the remnants of wool and animal smell. Please respect other clients and our cars.
Please call 911 (from mobile phone) or 002 or 112, fill out the insurance form while waiting police inspector, receive a certificate of the accident, the report and the decision. Call or text message to +79255052579 phone during business hours or leave a message on the answering machine about the incident.
If there are problems with the technical operation of the car you need to call or write text message to +79255052579 phone during business hours or leave a message on the answering machine and breafly describe what happened .
Car can not be repaired without the approval of employee of BIRACS Discount Car Rental.