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Need a Long Term Car Rental

Long term car rental, car rental for a long period

If you need a car for a few months or a few years , then be sure to lower prices than BIRACS car rental you are unlikely to offer someone. Long Term Car Rental - main direction of BIRACS.

Who may need a car for a long time ?

Among customers who rent cars for longer than a month, can be:

- Representatives of foreign companies in Russia, for whom have its own car park difficult and sometimes impractical,

- Public or private companies, which, in some cases, renting a car can be more profitable than purchase their own car on a relatively short time,

- Car owners whose car was hit in a long repair or sold, and the new car have to wait, sometimes for several months,

- Foreign specialists in Russia and working in Moscow under the contract, which also do not want to have any troubles with the registration, maintenance and insurance of the vehicle.

Benefits of long term car rental car rental BIRACS:

- Replacement car in case of repair

- Maintenance, registration activities, car insurance landlord produces

- Possible purchase of a car to order the renter

- Flexible pricing

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Be sure cheaper prices than BIRACS car rental in Moscow can not be found!